1000 downloads of our TES resources for #teachers #ukedchat #edchat

I can’t actually believe that in 10 days we have had over 1000 downloads of the first week of the story and associated resources. Week 2 is coming along with 100 downloads (and i haven’t even added the related research resources yet). Week 3 should be uploaded later today.

I am happy to arrange school visits. I am a fully qualified CRB registered teacher. So  message me if you want that. There would be fee but only to cover expenses and make some money for the refugees. I am happy to do it for a normal supply day rate and cover a full days worth of lessons/assemblies.

I am working as a supply teacher at the moment (mathematics) so I am fairly flexible on dates. Could always do Maths cover to make up the hours 🙂


Twitter love

We have been getting a bit of Twitter love.

Firstly thanks to all my Irish fans! Quite a few of the likes on the original Facebook page are from Ireland and without your support I may have been feeling a little despondent last week. Particular thanks to @IrelandsaysWelcome who have pinned a link to the website to the top of their twitter page 🙂


Secondly I was blown away when Alex Crawford retweeted my tweet to 97.5 thousand followers. She also favourited it and is one of my 50 followers. Thanks Alex… i meant when I said that her videos have been very powerful lessons to me. I am looking forward to taking them into schools.


Thirdly I was very happy to receive a favourite from Molly Crabapple – illustrator extraordinaire whose drawings of Aleppo really moved me the first few days in September when I first started putting together Amira’s story. Thank you Molly.


Thank you all – these little bits of encouragement spur me to keep on keeping on.
A few reviews on the TES page and iTunes page would be even more wonderful 🙂

‘The books gave Matilda a comforting message: You are not alone.” Roald Dahl


This is one of my ambitions for this project. It would give me great pleasure to know that “I am Amira” had made a child – any child feel this way.

While the main role of this story is to educate us all (including myself) that the refugees involved in the current crisis have the same hopes and dreams as us all. I would also love to reach out to those refugees themselves.

As a child I moved around the world a great deal and I have a good sense of the feelings of isolation that that can bring. Books were my solace and I was constantly on the look out for stories that captured my experience. Although this story is definitely told from my outsider view of this crisis, I hope through research and empathy I have managed to capture a little of the experiences such children may be going through.

I want you all to know that you are not alone.

“to watch, to try to understand, to never look away.”

Roy quote

I have to admit that until kids started washing up on beaches in Libya… a few days before the big story about Aylan (Bodrum, Turkey) hit social media. I knew absolutely nothing about Syria and the civil war that had gone on there. It had passed me by as just another of those terrible things that are going on in the East. I knew a bit about Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq but Syria didn’t feel like my business.

I really didn’t like the rhetoric around immigration in the uk. And the situation in Calais was sickening me but I really hadn’t thought very deeply. 

But when I saw those kids on the Libyan beaches… in the Med – My Mediterranean. Trying to come to my continent. It started to strike home.

And then I had to start doing something. I had to try to understand.

This quote captures what I am trying to do perfectly especially “to watch, to try to understand, to never look away.” 

but also

“to seek joy in the saddest places” and “to never get used to the unspeakable violence and vulgar disparity of life around you”

I hope this project reflects that.

Free “I am Amira” Times Ed Supplement Teaching Resources (TES) seem to be popular!

We have added the full text of week 1 “I am Amira” as a freely downloadable resource on the TES reskiteource website.

In addition there is a 20 page document of related research links to documents and videos about that week.

A third document provides links to the podcast: on the web, iTunes and Youtube

Go to the TES “I a Amira” resources

In the first 3 days these have been downloaded over 300 times!