Youtube video of Week 2 should be up today.

Today I am going to focus on getting the video of the Week 2 podcast up.

It is hard to work out where to spend my energy, creating the new content or putting the old into different formats. The first youtube video is getting quite a lot of views (much more than the podcast). So I think I should put a little energy there.

I also need to come up with some ways to bring in some money as I am going to need to work soon (I have focused on this pretty exclusively for the last three weeks – luckily the first weeks of term are pretty fallow for supply teachers!). I have offered to do author visits to schools or will offer directly to the schools that I supply teach in. There are some costs associated with running the podcasts which I need to cover. I am exploring various crowdsourcing sites. Any advice would be welcomed!

Downloads of the resources are still going like hotcakes. We are up to 1200+ on the original week 1 material and another 250 odd on weeks 2 and 3. Looking forward to reaching the 100 followers mark on twitter and Facebook. These things take time but I believe that they are best done organically. If the content is good the punters will follow eventually.

I really would like to see “I am Amira” become  a valuable project for educating people in the long term. The refugee crisis is a long term issue. We need to make sure we have educated hearts and souls who understand the full complexity of this situation. I hope in my small way the project can contribute to that.

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