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“I am Amira” by Anna Austen

September 2015


Life in Aleppo

 Syria has had a civil war for four long years. Aleppo has seen some of the worst of the fighting. Part of the town is now under the control of ISIS – the other part is under the control of the government run by Assad. Both sides are bombing and causing casualties every day.

Ninety-five percent of the population of Syria are not involved in the war but it is affecting every part of their life. Many no longer know which side to support. Twelve million Syrians have had to leave their homes. Some are still in refugee camps in Syria, but by September 2015 over 4 million have left Syria. Many are in Turkey, Jordan and Palestine. However in the first part of 2015 many thousands have started making a longer journey towards Europe. The “I am Amira” story tries to take a look at the reasons why this is happening.

Aleppo was a town of two million people including a substantial middle class with businesses of every kind. Many have gone now. In September 2015 about half a million people are still thought to be living there.

Aleppo before the war


Aleppo now


Detailed article about life inside Aleppo


text attached to the illustration says: “Life in the war zone that is Aleppo is peculiarly harsh on children. Childhood has become an irrelevant stage that young locals skip over.” Illustration by Molly Crabapple (from the vanity fair article in the link below)

Here is what Amira and her father might have been looking at on Flickr:

Article about life in Aleppo

“Just about everyone I speak to back in western Aleppo is contemplating leaving, or at least getting their children out. Four million Syrians have already left the country and are counted as refugees. The people who remain are growing desperate. No one talks about freedom anymore; now they just want to live.”

It took this family 15 days to get from Aleppo to Hungary



Fighters using Water as a Weapon


This video from 2014 shows the destruction in Aleppo


I used this video for my descriptions of Aleppo


Worsening Conditions in Syria


Neil Gaiman – So many ways to die in Syria

Khaled Hoseini (author of the Kite Runner) on Syrian refugees