How I use the iPad to create artwork

A number of people have asked me how I do the pictures for “I am Amira”.

All the work is done on the iPad but it could equally be done on another tablet. I imagine Zeinah would have a cheaper tool. Although her father was in IT so who knows what he would have had access to 🙂

I generally start with a photo. I reduce the opacity of the photo and create another layer on which I do the ink work. I generally then use the photo itself to create texture. This just speeds things up. I often go back and add to this texture with a paint brush tool but it is useful to have the basics in place.

To get the textured photo I use a high contrast filter.

At the moment I use Procreate for all of this early work. I used to use Brushes (which I prefer) but it does not work well with the latest iPad. I am now getting used to Procreate.

I then edit this using the filter tools in Phototoaster and the painting tools in art rage.  I do a lot of fiddling until I am happy.

Here is an example: